About Our Foundation  

Meet our Founders...a team inspired by Tracy Jo


When Tracy Jo Wilson was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2001, all of us who knew her were stunned to have our vibrant friend and energetic coach stricken with this pervasive and treacherous disease. Her driving spirit and determination to fight her own cancer naturally expanded beyond her own private battle into a mission to help others with their struggles with ovarian cancer. A group of us whose lives had already been impacted by Tracy Jo either in her career as a training coach, or as a personal friend, eagerly joined with her to form the Tracy Jo Wilson Ovarian Cancer Foundation (TJWOCF).

"The reason for my involvement with the Tracy Jo Wilson Ovarian Cancer Foundation is, simply put, Tracy Jo. She is a hero in my life and I am honored to call her friend and share in her dream. TJ is a woman defined by action with a big "A". Action which is manifested in a boundless energy that is uncommonly inspiring and infectious. She has the spirit of a driven competitor and backs away from nothing, be it the opportunity to coach an unseeing individual to the fulfillment of a greater vision of themselves or her own battle with cancer. Tracy Jo raises the bar higher.
Where effort or wisdom are required she doubles it. There are no half measures, however these are applied carefully, thoughtfully, through discipline and focus. She lives these things and shares them with integrity, loyalty, humor, faith and courage.
Ovarian cancer could have no greater advocate to shout on its behalf or formidable foe to see its defeat."
Maria Burden 4/29/03

" I work to earn my pay, raise my child, take care of my house and pets, and spend time with friends and family. It's a nice life, but there's not a lot of passion there. Being a part of the TJWOCF is exciting. It is a lot of work, but it is work that matters. Supporting TJ is my passion.
Spreading her story and bringing her dream to life can really make a difference ... to TJ, and to other women and their families who are impacted by ovarian cancer. I'm proud to be a part of this effort."
Terri Gibbons

I have known Tracy Jo for years and have always marveled at her strength - mind, body, and character. I knew little about ovarian cancer when she was diagnosed. Since that time I have learned a lot.
Most importantly I’ve learned that we all need to learn a lot more about this treacherous disease. I am honored to be on the board of the Tracy Jo Wilson Ovarian Cancer Foundation. We will SHOUT!, and make a difference.
Holly Sanders

My admiration for Tracy Jo is continually growing! I first met Tracy Jo at an athletic club where she came in and taught racewalking classes. I became a racewalker and a runner through her coaching. And through Tracy Jo I found myself involved in, not only a new sport, but a new set of friendships and activities. She has a special “gift”. The gift of giving, teaching, and motivating, the gift of allowing each person achieve more than they knew they could; to achieve more than we ever would have imagined for ourselves! She is the most giving and concerned person I know; I don’t know anyone who is so selfless and caring of others---mind, body, and spirit. She has given more depth to my life than any other single person.
I am thankful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to know her as a coach and personal trainer, as a motivator, as an athlete, as a person in love with life, as person who is an inspiration to others, a loving and respectful human being, and my best friend! I would do anything to help her achieve her dreams!

She is the spirit, and has the spirit, and we hope to rise up and help her shout out! about ovarian cancer.
Jani Salyers