About Our Foundation  

Our Story & Mission


When Tracy Jo Wilson was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2001, she was stunned by how pervasive this disease is and how little awareness there is about its diagnosis and treatment. She decided to focus her efforts on beating this disease personally and establishing a foundation to help others with their battle with ovarian cancer.

Tracy Jo  joined with some friends and formed the Tracy Jo Wilson Ovarian Cancer Foundation (TJWOCF). The foundation was organized as a Texas non-profit corporation on May 8, 2003 and was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation on February 23, 2004. We continue on our mission to honor Tracy Jo, and to be an advocate for all women affected by ovarian cancer.


The mission of the TracyJoFoundation (TJWOCF) is to defeat ovarian cancer by advocating early diagnosis and screening; fostering education and awareness; and supporting research for improved treatments and a cure.

In order to accomplish this mission we are currently working on our educational campaign which includes: informational brochures advising the public of the available medical diagnostic and screening techniques for ovarian cancer and advising the public of the risk factors and symptoms of ovarian cancer. We will also be speaking at women’s forums to further spread facts that all women should know about ovarian cancer. We will solicit grant dollars from charitable entities and donations from the general public and businesses

The TJWOCF website is growing in importance for communication and global involvement.  In 2003, friends of Tracy Jo held a “Battle For Life” Silent Auction and Dinner Buffet to help defray some of Tracy Jo’s personal expenses while she was fighting ovarian cancer. The "Battle for Life" auction was so successful, the board of directors decided to hold a “First Annual Silent Auction and Dinner Buffet” in October of 2004 to benefit the foundation.  The "Second Annual Silent Auction and Dinner" was held in November of 2005 to raise funds for research for early diagnosis.   At both events, Robert Bast, M.D. of M.D. Anderson in Houston appeared as the keynote speaker.  In 2006, the board voted to hold a raffle to raise funds for research; a 2007 ES350 Lexus was donated for the raffle by Dr. Oneita F. Hedgecock. M.D.  The car was delivered to the winner in December of 2006.  TJWOCF uses funds raised to fund research for the development of diagnostic and screening tools and improving treatment protocols for patients battling ovarian cancer. Ultimately, the foundation desires to be a major participant in finding a cure for ovarian cancer.  Since 2007 we have used funds to sponsor the expansion of the ovarian cancer SPORE study to North Texas.  We will be working directly with M.D. Anderson and U.T. Southwestern Hospital to recruit and retain participants in the low-risk study in North Texas.  If you would like more information about the Low Risk Ovarian Cancer Study, please contact us at 972-233-7591 or email us at info@tracyjofoundation.org.